Chain Chronicle Wiki

Weapon Arcana are Weapon type cards which Can be fused into a character of the correct type. Once weapon arcana are fused into a character, the previous weapon is gone and the fused weapon is permanently attached. Be careful who you use them for. Fusing a weapon into a character also offers no actual stat values, it simply increases the max fortification levels. Previous fortification levels will be kept.

Weapon Types

Blade (i.e. Normal Sword, Liberation, etc. [Knights/Warriors])

Club (i.e. Axe, Hammer, etc. [Knights/Warriors])

Spear (i.e. Lance, Javelin, etc. [Knights/Warriors])

Holy (i.e. Rod, etc. [Priests])

Magic (i.e. Wand, etc. [Wizards])

Bow (i.e. Short Bow, etc. [Archers])

In order for the card to be fusible, there are 2 conditions:

1. The character must use that weapon type

2. The character must already be equipped with a weapon arcana that is one tier lower or the same. 

Fusing a weapon also costs (character stars * 5,000) in gold

Rank C weapons (1/2 stars) cannot be obtained, Rank B weapons can be obtained occasionally from silver chests and rank A/S weapons can be obtained from gold chests.

Rank C Weapons

Normal Sword (Blade; 1st User: Hero)

Short Bow (Bow; 1st User: Michidia)

Rod (Holy; 1st User: Marina)

Great Sword (Blade; 1st User: Greg)

Dagger (Blade)

Estoc (Blade)

Spear (Spear)

Wand (Magic)

Shovel (Magic)

Axe (Club; axe)

Circle Hammer (Club; hammer)

Katana (Blade; used by Samurai)

Rank B Weapons

Long Sword (Blade)

Heavy Blade (Blade)

Javelin (Spear)

Cross Spear (Spear)

Rapier (Spear)

Elder Wand (Magic)

Tower Wand (Magic)

Glorious Rod (Holy)

Hedgehog IX (Club; mace)

Zamber Circle (Club; circular axe)

Long Bow (Bow)

Grasshopper (Bow)

Flame Sword (Blade; Weapon Ability: [Flame Weapon])

Liberation (Blade; Weapon Ability: [Light's Release] Only available during the event Coropatillon Attacks. Deal significantly more damage during those battles.)

Choco Sword (Blade; Weapon Ability: [Polvoron] HP is restored equivalent to damage dealt.)

Rank A Weapons

Deathtail (Blade; scythe)