White Lily Knight Rowendia Edit

Knight Paladin
Rarity 4 star
Cost 12
'Attack'HP 1320 (Base)

1500 (Base)


Foil (1 Mana)

Deal light damage to one enemy in front of you, and knock them back. 



- Blocking is more effective

Secret Technique

- Boosts special power

Quest Tales of Bond & Tales of Destiny
  • An Honest Secret
  • Dauntless Courage
  • Her Gloom
Profile Lieutenant of the “Holy Psalm,” one of the seventeen holy orders. Righteous, decorous, and pretty, she is often called the White Lily Knight. Her swordsmanship is first rate, and even within the knightly orders, few can follow when she draws her blade.
  • She is very popular among the people of the Holy Capital and was label the most beautiful knight in the Kingdom.