Tomcat Knight Knuckle Edit

Knight Knight


1 star






Skill Impact Tackle (1 Mana)

Dash attack one enemy at the vanguard, dealing moderate damage and knocking them back.

Ability None
Quest Dimly Shining Gold

Avaliable Upon Obtaining

Profile A flashy knight clad in gleaming gold armor more interested in fame than world peace. Originally he was a member of the holy order, but his attitude got him fired. To stay in style, he spends money like it's going out of it, meaning that despite his appearance, he is dirt poor.

Personality Edit

Knuckle is so concerned with looking good that he takes on missions he can't handle and fights recklessly to spare his shiny armor. Knuckle's obsession with gold extends so far that he actually painted his knight's armor and sword gold. He was fired as a result.

Trivia Edit

  • Knuckle has two personalized "attacks" not used in-game:
    • Knuckle's Ultra Golden Sword (blinds opponents with blade's gleam)
    • Knuckle Super Ultra Golden Cross (Knuckle stumbles and the blade flies into opponent's head)
  • Knuckle won a new set of golden armor at an auction, the only difference being a different symbol on the back. "Much sexier than the last one."